Monday, March 23, 2009

a little early morning share with my dames

yesterday my gals came by for a meeting and the result was contagious laughter and shifted perspectives...the power of women uniting, allowing, and sharing from that place in the heart where Spirit lives and the innocence of a child is lit up and ready to heal what's ailing or simply jump into the amusement...the simplicity and the power of who we are to each other makes me know IAM CONNECTED AND ALIVE...i encourage all the dames out there to tap into that place with your gal friends and simply let go and let laughter heal that place within that may need a ear...a shoulder...or just a moment of these times where fear seems to be gripping the nations spirit...connect...slow down and look around and see how rich we all are...smell the air's freshness and sing your song that is emerging from a winters nap and connect...connect...connect...peace to you all and light ahead for an amazing day of possibilities and connections....

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